Annual global VC investment drop to five-year low in Q4’23

In 2023, global VC investment faced challenges due to economic difficulties, geopolitical tensions, conflicts, and concerns about valuations of VC-backed companies. Annual global VC investment and the total number of VC deals dropped to levels reminiscent of 2019. VC investors exercised caution in their dealmaking activities amid the uncertain environment.

šƒšØš°š§ š«šØš®š§šš¬ šœšØš¦š¢š§š  šØš®š­ šØšŸ š­š”šž š¬š”ššššØš°š¬

Throughout 2023, startups globally made concerted efforts to steer clear of down rounds. They engaged in inside rounds, and secured bridge financing to extend their runway. Initially, these actions were discreet, primarily involving add-ons to existing rounds. However, in Q4’23, the trend shifted, and more companies publicly announced down rounds at reduced valuations.

š’š­ššš«š­š®š©š¬ šššš£š®š¬š­š¢š§š  š š«šØš°š­š” š©š„ššš§š¬ š­šØ šŸšØšœš®š¬ šØš§ š©š«šØšŸš¢š­ššš›š¢š„š¢š­š²

In Q4’23, VC investors persisted in urging companies in their portfolios to enhance efficiency and modify business plans with a stronger emphasis on achieving profitability. There’s a growing acknowledgment over the past few quarters that certain startups may not endure in the current business climate. Sectors that experienced rapid growth during the pandemic faced significant challenges due to the swift changes in economic conditions, marked by high inflation and rapidly increasing interest rates. Companies specializing in last-mile delivery and buy-now-pay-later services have been notably adversely affected.

šˆš§šÆšžš¬š­šØš«š¬ šœšØš§š­š¢š§š®šž š­šØ šŸš„šØšœš¤ š­šØ š€šˆ-šŸšØšœš®š¬šžš š¬šØš„š®š­š¢šØš§š¬

In Q4’23, the global VC market saw continued enthusiasm for AI, with significant interest from investors in AI-focused companies. Notably, two companies, Anthropic and Metropolis, raised over $1 billion each in funding. Generative AI solutions gained substantial attention, particularly from corporate investors. However, AI solutions related to autonomous vehicles experienced a slowdown as investors grasped the substantial capital requirements for true autonomy. This led to consolidation in the autonomous vehicle sector and partnerships between autonomous vehicle manufacturers and AI-mobility platforms. The ongoing solidification of these partnerships may pose challenges for new entrants without significant capital or a distinctive solution. Nevertheless, VC investment persisted in autonomous solutions for niche areas such as agtech.

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