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Empowering financial institutions
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Ameetee is a white label, plug and play investment marketplace
for Financial Institutions aiming to provide their clients with seamless,
risk-adjusted access to private market investments

Our Edge

Guaranteed access
primary & secondary
private markets
White-label digital
storefronts for customers,
complete with API solution
Off the shelf ready
to sell product
with ISIN
Far-reaching network
within the global
VC community
Investments are structured as
transferable securities,
conserving institutional AUM

Meet your new investment opportunities

Company name: Alto
Sector: Pharmaceuticals
Current financial round: Series E
Current invest. stage: Growth
Alto Pharmacy is a US-based digital pharmacy ecosystem with the same-day delivery of
prescription medications disrupting the $0,5 trillion market. The company's platform combines expert pharmacist care with purpose-built technology to deliver a more convenient and affordable experience for those who need medication.
Company name: Bayzat
Sector: HR Tech
Current financial round: Series C
Current invest. stage: Growth
Bayzat is the first full-stack HR-tech platform focused on small and
medium-sized enterprises in GCC region. The company serves 1,800 companies and over 135,000 employees and is supported by esteemed local investors.
Company name: Telegram
Sector: Communication
Current financial round: N/A
Current invest. stage: Growth
Launched in 2013 as a secure messaging tool, Telegram is used by hundreds of millions of people to communicate privately and publicly. Today Telegram serves as an all-in-one communication app. In 2022, Telegram became the 6th most downloaded app in the world and now has over 800 million monthly active users.
Company name: Rapyd
Sector: FinTech
Current financial round: Later Stage VC
Current invest. stage: Late-stage
Rapyd is a Fintech Platform offering a full range of payment services. Rapyd provides access to over 900 payment methods in 170 countries at all stages of the payment cycle, with easy integration via API. The Rapyd platform is utilized by global players such as Ikea, Uber, Google, and Rappi.

We Are Ameetee

Mila Khrapchenko

Co-CEO, Co-Founder
Milaโ€™s expertise covers 20+ years in investment banking structuring in cross-border deals.
She is an angel investor in 30+ startups.

Serge Shlyuger

Co-CEO, Co-Founder
Serge has 20+ years of investment banking and capital markets experience supporting his move into Venture Capital.

Natan Shkurovich

CBDO, Co-Founder
Natan has 15 years of experience in deal structuring, restructuring and PE investments into cross-border transactions.
In the last 5 years Natan was an active business angel.

Gleb Shemaev

Gleb has over 10 years of experience managing software, and hardware R&D company,
overseeing a budgets of >$50M.

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